11 Popular Snacks From the '80s That Were Discontinued

If you’re an '80s kid, you probably remember the snacks from your childhood era that were flavorful and memorable. It's said taste and smell can transfer memories, and it's easy to recall the moment you were sneaking from home to play or thinking "I'll eat one more and finish my custom essay for tomorrow". Unfortunately, many of those were eventually discontinued. 

In this article, we will go down the '80s memory lane and relish those fond memories of delectable snacks including some of their memorable commercials. By the way, it is a great topic to discuss with your friends. Use a random video chat if you do not know anybody who could dwell on this topic. There are a lot of people to talk with and find out something interesting.

Fruit Wrinkles

Although the name doesn’t sound that appealing, Fruit Wrinkles were widely considered as very tasty. These sweet and tangy snack items were bite-sized fruit pieces and designed in a wrinkly shape. If you don't remember the name then try to remember the savory, fruity goodness.

Hi-C Ecto Cooler

Hi-C Ecto Cooler was on the top tier when it came to the lunchbox snacks of the '80s. This extraordinarily fruity and yummy drink was created as a promotional entity during the time of The Real Ghostbusters, the popular animated series that experienced its rise and fall during the '80s.


Many confuse this fruity drink as from the '90s; however, it was actually introduced to the market during the late '80s. It came out in a plastic bottle that looked like a glass one which made it possible to squeeze the last drop of fruity goodness from the container. They were available in a range of flavors and managed to be one of the most popular lunchtime beverages. While the drink was eventually discontinued, it has made a comeback several times.

Magic Middles

This shortbread cookie made by Keebler was filled with peanut butter or fudge. '80s kids would surely agree that they were so irresistible that they were usually eaten as the first lunch item rather than waiting for the end of the meal.

Dixies Snack Crackers

These crackers looked like chicken drumsticks and involved some chicken flavoring making both the visual and taste appeal top notch. Have them with some pieces of cheese, and there you have it, a yummy and balanced meal. Unfortunately, they were discontinued and not available to savor for today’s school kids.

Nabisco Swiss Cheese Crackers

These crackers were dominated by a cheesy flavor and were shaped like small pieces of Swiss Cheese. Currently, they are only available in Canada. Apart from being a perfect companion for sandwiches for school kids, cheese-based snacks are an extremely popular part of buffets in parties and casinos. There is nothing like enjoying the authentic casino experience with some mouth-watering snacks that go along with the excitement of the game. However, following the pandemic, the gambling and betting audience has switched to the online realm. Expert reviews and guidance are available on portals like Asiabet, which are ranked as the best sports betting venues available online if you wish to relive those casino experiences while enjoying your favorite snack in the comfort of your own home.

Hershey's Bar None

If you were an '80s kid with a sweet tooth for chocolate bars, then it is highly likely that you had a Bar None or two in your lunchbox. These chocolate candy snacks went through a couple of variants before they were finally removed from production. Nonetheless, the '80s audience may still have fond memories of these chocolate-filled chocolate wafers wrapped in even more chocolate.

Peanut Butter Boppers

Nature Valley manufactured this wholesome and delicious peanut snack. The outer coating consisted of crunchy cereal and chocolate, while the center was filled with creamy peanut butter - a perfect addition to the lunch box apt for special occasions.

Hostess Chocodiles

The Hostess food company has been highly triumphant in creating some iconic snacks over the decades, and the Chocodiles is one such delight from the '80s. The item was a Twinkie wrapped in rich chocolate. It was the outer coating that made the snack lip-smacking. An after-lunch snack to remember with drools indeed!

Giggles Cookies

Giggles cookies were shaped like a smiley face. They were in the form of a sandwich with flavored cream in between. The commercials are probably more memorable than the taste of the cookies itself!

Oreo Big Stuf

We kept the best for the last. Yes, this giant-sized cookie was the stellar item in the 1980s school kids' lunch boxes. The kids today may find it hard to believe because this variant of the Oreo was even bigger than the Mega Stuf Oreos available in recent times. This massive cookie came with a generous helping of the authentic Oreo cream filling. Sadly, they were discontinued in the early '90s, but they still linger in the memories of the '80s kids.

What are some other discontinued snacks that you remember from the '80s?

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