The Timeless Influence Of Video Game Design From The 1980s

When it comes to technological developments, things really started to get going during the 1980s. This was when Nintendo, Sega, and their competitors started to take over the market. The whole world fell in love with video games, their flashy graphics, and intriguing characters. The element of competition and engaging music were just the cherries on top that got players hooked and easily addicted.

From that point, video games have evolved drastically. They are now more realistic than ever, allowing players to indulge in the life-like experience fully. That being said, the pioneer releases from the '80s still have a big influence over arcade games, casino slots, and many real money simulators.

Below you will find a brief list of things that made '80s titles so classic, and you will learn why designers still draw inspiration from them.


The first thing every player notices right away is the graphics. These can make or break any video production, and the developers are well aware of this nowadays. Back in the day, titles such as Tetris or Out Run were all about attractive visuals. The games themselves had limited options, so they needed to appeal to the user. These arcade games featured bright-colored, bold themes that made them visible on any avenue. This way, the player would immediately notice and get intrigued.

Exactly the same tactic is used today, especially in gaming spots and online casinos like crypto casino no deposit bonus 2022. Their creators put great effort into graphics development and themes, which are the signature of any game. The players can easily go over the casino offer and choose the one that appeals to them the most. For that purpose, many Philippines live online casino rank lists have been created. The lists are carefully curated and show trustworthy websites with licenses from well-known gambling authorities so players can be sure about their choice. Every part of the world has similar rankings available, so online gamblers can check out the new simulators and their astonishing graphics. Some of which are inspired by the 80s and even earlier times.


The sound is another element diversifying games even further. Humans love music, and a suitable soundtrack can really add to the fun. Back in the day, the music themes were often simple melodies looped over and over. The machines had little memory, so the sound choices were limited. On rare occasions, different levels would feature special soundtracks to boost the player's attention. Many of the classic themes from games such as Donkey Kong or Tetris are still appreciated by fans and can be found online.

In the modern era, things are no different - just more advanced. Today's digital creators often hire large teams to create memorable music and soundtracks. Examples of such games could be the Assassin's Creed series, as well as the Witcher. Fans from all over the world are listening to the tracks, even when not playing.

The same exact principle is used by casino simulator providers, who want to keep their customers entertained and hooked. In fact, the right music greatly enhances the casino experience and makes the player eager for more action. Especially when the user is tired or out of luck, that's when music can really turn things around!


The visuals and sounds are one thing, but blessing games with a deeper meaning is another way to make them interesting. During the '80s, all the popular titles revolved around original stories making the player want to participate. Creating plots and designing characters is one way to achieve that, and designers have been using it for decades. The more the player associates with the virtual character, the more time they are willing to spend playing. Thus, game developers from the 80s started a trend that lives to this day.

In 2022, the plot and action are all that matters to players. If you truly want them hooked to your video production, a solid character and story development is a must. Thanks to the Sega and Nintendo creators, we can enjoy breathtaking plots and surprising action twists. Some games would even feel pointless if they didn't have a backstory to engage the gamer.


While there was no online gaming back in the 1980s, people still found a way to compete. It was during this decade when the first big tournaments were organized. People from all over the world would come to one place to test their skills in arcade gaming. It was a genius marketing strategy for developers and a fun way to spend time for teenagers and their families. But who knew it would be begging for something bigger back then?

Ever since the internet has become widely accessible, gaming has accelerated. The gaming tournaments are the equivalent of today's popular eSports events. Many kids nowadays dream of becoming professional players, and there are many organizations and sponsors in the eSport scene. What used to be a hobby is now a serious business, and there's plenty of money involved in this branch. The top players from releases such as DotA or CS:GO are considered superstars and have generous salaries. Once again, the influence of simple video games from the 80s cannot be unnoticed.


As you can see, there is plenty of proof that the '80s may be gone in reality but are still alive in today's gaming. The giant influence of video games from that era is still what inspires designers and digital studios.

Whether we are talking about graphics, music themes, character development, or competition, surprisingly, video games from the '80s share many similarities with today's popular titles. The only difference? The technological advances that people yet lacked 40 years ago. But besides that, they were still able to create classic games, which are still being rereleased and updated.

Whether you're a fan of simple arcade games, slot machines, or complex console productions - one thing is certain. The influence of 80s gaming is undeniable, and you can't argue with that!

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