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Latest Retro Promenade Album Draws Inspiration From John Carpenter Films

Fans of classic '80s films like Halloween, Big Trouble In Little China, and Escape From New York will dig the latest album by Retro Promenade. The collaborative album Carpenter is "an experiment in curating featuring retro synth music inspired by the films and music within John Carpenter's creative career." Following its release on Bandcamp on April 7, the album held the #1 spot for 4 days and remains in the top 10 this week.

Accompanying the album is a print of the rad album art illustrated by Sam Todhunter and typeset by Who Ha. The print features some of Carpenter's most famous characters along with the album credits in a traditional movie poster format.

Check out the Carpenter album on Bandcamp and name your price to get a high quality MP3 download and unlimited streaming on the free Bandcamp app. Pay $9.50 or more (plus shipping) and you can snag a 12 x18 of the movie poster plus the aforementioned MP3 download and Bandcamp app benefits.

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