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What is Your Favorite Arcade Video Game From the '80s?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash
The 1980s was a fantastic decade to be a kid. Video games were a huge hit, and some of the best games graced our arcade screens. It was the beginning of an era for cult classics, and everyone had their favorites. These video games might seem a little lacking in special effects compared to modern innovations, but in fact, that is what makes them so special. The '80s were a simpler time and most of us just loved the fact these games let you escape into another world for a few hours. What’s more, arcade games were the perfect excuse to compete against your friends and fight first place on the leader board.

Okay, so it’s difficult to sum up just how cool the games were back then because let’s face it, there were so many amazing titles. But to give you a glimpse into some of the favorites from this era, check out some of the best video games listed below for a nostalgic leap back in time.


Even if you weren’t a kid in the early '80s, you've probably played this cult classic. While it was originally played as an arcade game by people across the globe, Pac-Man was ported into a video game so you could play the array of mazes at home too. Pac-Man is one of the longest-running video game franchises in the world and still amasses a huge following through its simple yet addictive problem-solving mazes.

Mario Bros.

Mario Bros. became another household name in the '80s and still retains much of its charm in the latest additions. The "Super" version of Mario Bros. also burst onto the home video game scene with its fun and challenging platform gaming experience which both adults and kids loved. Since its beginnings in the early eighties, it has been recrafted numerous times with tons of different games to complete the set. You can also get Mario on your computer too, check out how to download it via Steam for Mac and PC.

Donkey Kong

Originally released as an arcade game by Nintendo in the early ,80s, Donkey Kong went one to become one of the best loved games of the decade. The infamous gorilla character who maneuvers and dodges obstacles on one of the first simplistic platform games went on to provide entertainment for hours for adults and kids across the globe. You can still enjoy retro games and modern versions on the latest consoles.

WWF Superstars

Towards the end of the decade, wrestling became hugely popular. With this, tech giants in Japan released the first arcade game based on WWF wrestlers so you could fight using the well-known television stars. Of course, looking back the graphics were super simple and might not have looked quite the same as the actual wrestlers, but that added to the charm. Even now, these immensely sought-after classics are still played and their are tons of modern versions that were inspired by the original.

These are just a snippet of some of the best arcade video games of the eighties. You probably have tons to add to this collection, so let us know your favorites!

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