'80s Trends in the Best Menswear Designs for 2021

It can often be difficult to find interesting menswear than it is to find interesting women's clothing, particularly as menswear designers can often be less experimental with colors and styles. This can leave you feeling pretty limited in options and therefore a bit uninspired when it comes to deciding what you want to wear.

The key is to look in places that aren’t always the most obvious or the first choice, since this is where most people will be shopping. Instead, you should try and keep an eye out for those hidden gems which will catch everyone’s attention rather than blending into the crowd.

In 2021, many '80s trends are here to stay, so it's exciting to discover the best new designs with an '80s twist!

If you are looking to keep your eyes peeled for the best menswear designs for 2021, remaining ahead of the trends and embracing the revived '80s look that’s popular right now, then check out these tips.

Focus on the Classic Designers 

If you try to focus on the classic designers, then you will pretty much never go wrong. This can often be much less risky than buying from a designer that you don’t know much about, especially if you plan to spend quite a bit of money on clothing or accessories. A lot of the "classic" designers that are still trendy are here for a reason. They not only have great styles and ranges, but their goods are also made to be very high quality, so you know that they will be worth the price tag.

One great menswear designer is Burberry, which has been around for well over 150 years, yet is still a leading trendsetter. To look at the extensive clothing they sell, check out the new Burberry range which includes tops, bottoms, outer layers and more at SSENSE. This particular retailer stocks some of the trendiest pieces which will keep you turning heads wherever you go in 2021. The timelessness of these pieces means that whether you are trying to emulate a vintage '80s style, or you are trying to look completely modern, you can adapt the clothing to suit either.

Shopping Sustainably

When looking for the best menswear designs for 2021, something that you should consider is the sustainability of the pieces. In 2021, with the environment being at the forefront of many conversations, sustainability is something that we ought to keep in mind when making purchases. This means that buying loads of cheap clothing items is best avoided if you have the financial capacity to do so, since a lot of clothing tends to end up in landfill sites after just a few wears.

If you are spending a bit more on a worthwhile investment, you are much more likely to keep the item for the rest of your life, or at least for a long period of time. Buying from fast fashion companies seems great in theory as it means you can get all of the latest trends, but in reality, these will probably go out of fashion within a few months and you will be stuck with clothing you no longer regard as desirable. This is, again, why it is usually best to shy away from designers you don’t know much about and don’t feel confident in buying.

Consider Second Hand Options

Vintage clothing is huge right now, and one great way to discover some of the best on-trend designs for 2021 is actually by looking at second hand options online or through thrift or charity shops. This can be a lot of fun, since you never really know what hidden gems you may come across, and if you find something that you really love then you’ll know it is probably a one off. Therefore, you might be more likely to cherish the item as only you will have it.

Second hand clothing shops often stock items by designers such as Levi's and Ralph Lauren, both of whom have been around for many years and so have a lot of old stock kicking about. This will keep you looking quirky and original for the new year, which will help you move out of your comfort zone as well as keeping your clothing interesting. Admittedly, it does take a bit more work to find second hand pieces that you love, but when you do find something, you will feel very satisfied and pleased with yourself as you’ll be bang on trend for a cheaper price.

Menswear can be equally as fun to shop for as womenswear can be, you just need to look in the right places. It can be hard to know where to start, but when you open your mind beyond simply looking at the standard high street options, you will realize that there are endless opportunities to look cool and feel great about yourself. As well as female empowerment, we should strive to empower men too, and one way that we can do this is to encourage them to break the stereotypes of clothing and not be afraid to try something new or stand out from the crowd.

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