These 80s Fashion Trends Are All Set To Dominate 2022

The 1980s is remembered as a time of power suits, big hair and neon colors. Stock market-loving yuppies and business tycoons set the trend, so it’s no surprise that the entrepreneurs and influencers of today are looking back to a time when power equaled style. Whether you’ve planned a day at the races complete with enormous hat, killer heels and taking advantage of the free bet offers from reputable bookmakers to show up in style, or you need to command the board-room with your throwback flair for a long-distance Zoom call with New York, '80s style has you covered.

Everybody knows that some fashion trends come and go, and there is in fact a typical life-cycle for fashion trends that runs between 20 and 30 years. The good news here is that after its many years consigned to the bargain bin of fashion sin, '80s fashion has experienced a bold resurgence. This is thanks to a new generation of designers and influencers dusting off their parent’s mothballed party outfits and hitting the streets. While the fashion of the past few years has been increasingly leaning towards '90s rave culture, replete with bucket hats and high waisted jeans, the '80s renaissance has yet to abate. Below we take a look at the '80s inspired fashion flexes that stylists are convinced will steal the spotlight in 2022.

Dressed for Success

Power dressing was a fashion trend that rose to prominence in the '80s among business oriented women looking to make their mark on a male dominated workplace. The style gave people the confidence and the profile to mean business wherever they found themselves. By utilizing tricks such as wide shoulder pads and traditional patterns, power dressing sought to place women visually on the same footing as their co-workers by crafting outfits that suggested authority and power.

The look filtered into every area of life, with politicians such as Margaret Thatcher and pop royalty like Madonna taking advantage of this formidable look to cut through the crowd. While the more austere elements of that styling project are a thing of the past, oversized blazers with shoulder pads are set to make a big come back in 2022.

Suit Up 

One thing that the '80s brought into popular fashion in a big way was athletic gear. With the growth in popularity of new materials and production methods, and an all new fascination with everything from jogging to aerobics, pieces such as head-bands and leg warmers have become an iconic element of 80s style. Another favorite piece from this period that looks set to make a triumphant comeback is the body-suit.

These versatile, effortlessly comfortable pieces fell out of vogue at the end of the decade and had been apparently forgotten about until now. You’ll see body-suits popping up in regular storefronts throughout the duration of 2022 as a new generation recognizes the versatility and comfort of these once maligned leotards. We expect to see some novel synthesis taking place in 2022 as people combine the close fitting silhouette of bodysuits with more 70s inspired outfits, from high waisted corduroy trousers to flared jeans, making for a modern, effortless and comfortable style.

Razzle Dazzle

Sequins are back, hallelujah. It’s finally time for these sparkly discs to shine. Once upon a time it seemed like sequins had established near hegemony in the fashion world. What’s not to love about looking like a disco-ball? Of course sequins never fully went away, and have always done well as go-to party pieces, but 2022 looks set to be the year where sequins return to the spotlight. Whereas in the '80s sequins were primarily reserved for situations calling for a bit of extra glamour, you can expect to see many casual pieces coming out in 2022 with a sequined remix. Pairing a sparkly top or skirt with more muted and casual pieces is a great way to inject some extra color and excitement into your everyday wardrobe.

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