'1980 Force' Music Video from Wordburglar is a Glorified Action Figure Commercial!

Wordburglar has returned and is dropping more rhymes for our nostalgic ears. If you aren't familiar with Wordburglar, who I refer to as the "Eminem of Retro", he's released several albums and EPs that are lyrical time machines back to our childhood. You can hear his musical tribute to G.I. Joe on the Welcome to Cobra Island album, Star Wars on The Mos Eisley Rap Show EP, and Transformers on the SpaceVerse album just to name a few.

Burgie's latest EP The Spinner Rack "draws on a lifetime of underground comic book and cartoon experiences, all told with impeccable rhyming, spectacular storytelling, and indomitable humor over a canvas of old-school hip-hop ear candy. As a lifelong comic book reader, creator and retailer at two of Canada's best comic shops (Strange Adventures and The Silver Snail), Wordburglar's uncanny experiences in and around the world of fandom reveal fascinating insights, endearing nostalgia and lingering mysteries, spread across a giant-sized comic book crossover of beats."

One of the tracks on The Spinner Rack is titled "1980 Force" which is his version of a knockoff action figure toyline similar to G.I. Joe. Burgie even lists off several of the characters on the track like "Strikezone" the baseball themed guy and Grenade Balls the leading expert in blowing up stuff. What's better is there is a music video that plays like an '80s action figure commercial...watch it below!

The Spinner Rack is available now on your favorite listening apps but if you swing over to Bandcamp, you can score the digital album and some cool swag like t-shirts. Plus, you can buy his entire catalog (all 15 releases!) for about $50. That is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year: hours of musical nostalgia!

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