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College Street Style: Throwback to the '80s

 Some of you might be fascinated by the looks of the neon light socks and these crazy hair bands that look as if they came straight from magazine pages! Yes, we get all the wonderful music with memorable melodies and the college parties that look peaceful and rather unique as we get all the gothic-looking girls, punks, and the interesting styles of fashion that make one assume that even Grandparents had their say. It’s all about the 80s! The college street style is also one of those things that have marked this beautiful decade, which is why more and more college students these days are coming back in time and dressing accordingly as they apply more makeup and make themselves look as if they have invented the time machine!

College Street Style: Throwback to the 80s

Huge Earrings and All That Jazz

Somehow it became related to both girls and boys as the large earrings could be seen everywhere. It was also related to all the other accessories like hand bracelets, various hair-combing colorful scrunches, and the amount of makeup that would only highlight the oversized objects! Some students would use it as a way to show that they follow the fashion and visit the dance floors that have been everywhere. The ways how they managed to study remain top secret! Luckily, you can pay for research paper writing these days and get things done on time. So if you have an 80s college party coming up, just ask an expert for help and achieve success with anything!

Perm Hair Styles

It's one of those things that have remained a big part of the 80s when the majority of college girls would keep their hairstyles rather big. While it wasn't meant to make a specific statement, it was a big part of the fashion and every girl would spend at least 30 minutes getting her hair adjusted and combed before even going outside the dorm room. Back in the 80s, many colleges would look like those fancy hair saloons as every girl did her best to look chick! Now, the boys would sometimes follow the trend to look like rock stars by at least letting their hair grow long!

Oversized Clothes

Baggy clothes became really popular during the 80s and the majority of college students did not make any references to hip-hop or rap music back then. It was the sign of freedom and you would get all these oversized sweaters and suits that would look funny but still in fashion. It was usual among street style trends for students that helped to tell the college learners apart as they tried to show that they hardly care about how their clothes looked!

Crop Tops and Neon Shirts

While the boys would wear strange-looking neon shirts, the girls would attract the looks by wearing crop tops. These would often be pink, acid green, orange, or violet to highlight the person’s mood and constant striving for independence.

Some Fashion Things You Might Now Know!

Summing things up and making a list of the things that have been quite popular among college students in the 80s, you will instantly notice that many elements are simply coming back again, often without a reference to the past! You can take ripped jeans as an example that so many young people seem to consider the latest fashion trend, yet it all started in the early '80s when the youth would wear tennis shoes with jeans that had holes in them. You might not be aware, yet it was the sign of a person's anger towards all the injustice that has been floating in the air. These days you won't even consider it as something political, yet take a closer look at the history of the pop stars like Madonna and you will get the idea!

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Andrew Mazur loves taking a cultural journey through the '80s as it's his favorite period in time that has been revolutionary in numerous aspects. As an educator and content creator, Andrew loves to write about college life, academic rules, and entertainment. Follow Andrew to travel back in time and rediscover good old trends!

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