My 1984 Sticker Collection (Part 3)

My 1984 Sticker Collection
Part 3

We've made it to the final pages of my 1984 sticker book! This has been so much fun to share a little piece of my 80s childhood with everyone. Pages 11-18 gives us a little glimpse of the holidays, a couple wiggly-eyes stickers, some classic cars, and one last page of 80s randomness. And then of course, the answer to the cliffhanger question from part 2...did I break sticker book law and stick some to the inside back cover, even though there was clear warning label???

Page 11-12


Retro Top Ten List: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Exhibits

From the home office in Sioux City Iowa...

Top Ten Exhibits In The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

10. Michael Jackson's original nose
9.   Diorama of Pink Floyd trashing a Holiday Inn
8.   The childproof cap that Elvis couldn't open
7.   The mint green shorts worn by Richard Simmons in "Sweatin' to the Oldies"
6.   The Life of Mark Goodman: From MTV Veejay to Former MTV Veejay
5.   The Record Company Weasel Petting Zoo
4.   Great Moments with Mister Mister
3.   Get the Hell Off the Stage!: A Tribute to Opening Acts
2.   "Catch a Disease from a Groupie" kissing booth
1. Ride The Wild Cher!

Find this Retro Top Ten List in this book


Misheard 80s Lyrics: "Everybody Wants To Boogaloo"

Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"

Years ago, my wife confessed to me that she misinterpreted the lyrics of this song as "Everybody wants to boo-ga-loo." Of course, my immediate reaction was "Booga what? Seriously?" But she was serious, so now we both have a great laugh whenever we hear this song. Here are some more misinterpretations of the chorus via AmIRight.Com:

Everybody wants to mow the lawn.
Everybody wants to fool around.
Everybody wants to move around.


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My 1984 Sticker Collection (Part 2)

My 1984 Sticker Collection
Part 2

Pages 5-10 of my 1984 sticker book contain more of the beloved franchises of the 80s. I've also noticed some unique stickers that I thought were pretty cool at the time. Plus, the answer to the cliffhanger question from part 1...will my scratch-n'-sniff stickers still smell after 18 years???

Page 5

Guess I was pretty good at reading directions as a kid, as this page and the next were the "animals" pages. The only thing that is a little suspect is Q*Bert (animal?) and the spotted ghost that appears to be holding a flower. (What happened at that sticker design meeting?) I was a pretty big Alvin and the Chipmunks fan when I was a kid. I remember having a Chipmunks record album and at one point had all 3 glasses that were available at one of the fast food chains. Was also a fan of transforming 33 records into Chipmunks records by playing at the 78 speed. The bunny in the top right corner is fuzzy to the touch, which I thought was a little unique to 1984. Although, I'm not much of a sticker aficionado.

Page 6

Finishing up the animal sticker collection, it seems I had the foresight to save a Pokey from the set of Gumby stickers displayed earlier in the book. Two very cool stickers on this pages are the seahorse and eagle in the upper right corner. These both have some kind of liquid inside that when touched could change color. The seahorse works the best out of both of them now. There is also a moon sticker on the next page with the same texture. Also, the aforementioned "prettiest sticker" that I told about on the inside front cover is on this page. Funny, doesn't really seem to be one of Gizmo's better poses. He looks a little sad or perturbed that you fed him after midnight. Also on this page, is it me or does it look like Heathcliff is picking his nose?

Page 7

Some of my favorites on this page and the next. Masters of the Universe was always one of my faves. Other than maybe G.I. Joe, MOTU figures dominated my toy box. I like the He-man & Battlecat, Zodac, and Evil-Lyn stickers. Was very surprised to see that they actually had A-Team stickers with the girl! You'll also notice a few gymnasts from Mr. T's cartoon show and some great Knight Rider stickers. Also, loved the transforming GoBot stickers. One you might find out of place is the "gross" sticker above the MOTU logo...that's there because that's my last name!

Page 8

More of the same on this page, including those random New York Mets stickers that I can't quite seem to figure out. The Moonraker sticker, which is a 1979 James Bond movie, is quite puzzling. I remember having the stickers and cards, but seems odd that I'd have them five years after the movie was released. Anyway, the memory stuck with me and about 15 years ago while I was in college, managed to get my hands on a complete set. (Still own them!)

Page 9

And now the moment you've all been waiting for...the scratch-n'-sniff collection! And yes, some still do smell! Unfortunately, the ones that did hold the test of time were the ones that aren't the most appealing smell. None of the chocolate or the food type stickers lasted. The fresh cut grass, toothpaste, band-aid, and new car all smelled just as I remembered. The random NY Mets uniform however did not smell like Mookie Wilson, Sid Fernandez, Daryl Strawberry, or any of the players from the 1984 team.

Page 10

I had some success with chocolate this time, but not the larger ones. Count Chocula and all of the Garfield stickers still had their smell. You can tell my favorites were the ones that had been partially scratched away. Some were as utterly disgusting as I remembered. The chicken leg...let me tell ya, Colonel Sanders would have gone out of business if fried chicken smelled like that. The other one that smelled as if it was brand new was the motorcycle. Here's a questions for Regis Philbim: WHO WANTS TO SMELL A MOTORCYCLE? Burnt rubber, yeah let's do that smell...gag. No luck on the lemon, the Easter basket (no idea what that was supposed to smell like) or the penguin with the ice cream cone. The other one the puzzled me was the green guy. It's not a frog...looks more like a booger with appendages. I'm thinking it was possibly one of the Nerd candy least, I'm hopeful it was.

8 more pages left in my sticker book! In the final post, I'll show you a few holiday stickers, wiggle eye stickers, and my "favorite" classic car stickers. You'll also see an appearance from the Cabbage Patch Kids, a Cincinatti Bengal quarterback, Batman, and more New York Met randomness. And, the final heart-stopping question...did I put stickers on the inside back cover with a clearly displayed warning? 

You'll have to come back one more time and find out!


Animals That Share My Same Hunger Level

By Jim V. on GraphJam.Com


My 1984 Sticker Collection (Part 1)

My 1984 Sticker Collection
Part 1

I'm pretty fortunate that alot of the stuff from my childhood has survived. Included in those memories that managed to be stored in a trunk for safe-keeping is one of my prized first sticker book. I came across is probably a year or two ago during a trip home to PA. It's definitely a glimpse inside the brain of an 8 year old boy in 1984.
I'm not sure who bought the book for me, (I'm pretty sure I didn't buy it for myself, because I think it was actually meant for a girl looking through it now) but I managed to make it my own despite the pastel colors and doll pictures contained within. So without further ado, lets start the venture through each page!

The Covers

You'll be noticing a recurring theme as we go through this book...Q*Bert. The vast majority of pages have Q*Bert stickers, which was definitely one of my favorite video games and Saturday cartoons. I believe I can still name of all the Q*Bert characters in this book, which is a little scary. Someone will need to help me with the large Terminator-like sticker that I used for 1/2 of the front cover. I can't remember where that came from.You'll also notice a half-worn Smurf on the front cover. This was actually not a normal sticker, but one of those rub-off type transfer stickers. You pressed it against anything flat and with something flat or a pencil, you could transfer the picture. Unfortunately, they were not that durable.

Page 1 Inside Front Cover

Pride of ownership on this page. My first address was R.D. 1 Box 340...remember when addresses used to have R.D. in them? Notice I took pride in my grammar with changing the line to read "my favorite stickers are old cars." The next question is probably the giveaway that this book was meant for a girl, but I wasn't afraid to answer it..."Gizmo" from the Gremlins movie was rather pretty until you fed him after midnight.

Page 2

It's amusing to me that Laurel and Hardy are in this book. Obviously way before my time, but one of my favorite movies to watch on Thanksgiving (thanks to WPIX in New York) was Laurel & Hardy's version of March of the Wooden Soldiers. Could be why I chose to add them to my collection. Snoopy makes an appearance as Joe Cool "hanging around the dorm." Funny, I don't see any textbooks! Gumby and Pokey also here, which I do remember watching occasionally on television. Also, the aforementioned favorite Q*Bert and another favorite game Donkey Kong with Marion apparently not afraid to kick a little ape behind.

Page 3

This is a pretty good glimpse of my world. As much as I liked Transformers, Go-bots were a good fit for me too. I could spend hours playing with matchbox cars in my driveway and the small Go-Bots were just up my alley. These stickers were the the kind when you moved them side-to-side, you could see it transform! G.I. Joe was a part of my life back them too, as represented by Quick Kick. Not sure about the unicorn sticker here...must have been a gift? The A-Team was also one of my favorite shows. Mr. T was my favorite, but I don't remember him being able to life the front end of a truck! (Must've been the cartoon version.) You'll also notice a sticker of K.I.T.T.'s voice transmitter. Fans will identify that this is from season one, before it was changed to the more memorable one with three lines. And of course, more Q*Bert!

Page 4

Page 4 features a look at K.I.T.T.'s dashboard, that I guess will be helpful if I ever decide to build my own replica. More of the same stickers from previous pages, except I don't remember being a Mets fans...ever! I did like baseball so I guess this sticker (and more to come) might have been a gift or just the right price for me to buy and add. You'll also notice the "J8", referring to my name and age.

Much more to come in this 18 page sticker book, including two pages of scratch-and-sniff stickers! The big question...will any still smell after 18 years? Guess you'll have to come back and find out! 


Misheard 80s Lyrics: "Rock The Cash Bar..."

The Clash - "Rock the Casbah"

Rock The Casbah is a classic 80s song that I've heard many people sing some crazy lyrics to (including myself.) Some notables misheard lyrics mistaken for the title from AmIRight.Com include:

Walk the cat walk
Drop the gas bomb
Rock your pants off
Rob the cash box
Doctor asphalt

I stumbled across this video that puts many misheard lyrics throughout this song to life. A big thank you to I3igBizzle on Youtube for sharing. Enjoy!

Fast Fact: 
US Armed Forces Radio chose this song to be played first during Operation Desert Storm.

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80s Literal Music Video: Tears For Fears "Head Over Heels"

Here is another fantastic literal music video. In 1985, Tears For Fears released the album  Songs From The Big Chair which would reach the #1 position in the US for 5 weeks. The 4th single released from the album was "Head Over Heels," which peaked at #3 in the US. The music video was your typical 80s randomness in a library, which makes the literal translation of this video pretty darn hilarious!


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Retro Top Ten: Star Trek Movie Lines

From the home office in Sioux City Iowa...

Top Ten Lines From The New Star Trek Movie
(circa 1989)

10. Captain! There's a horrible life form on your head! Oh sorry. It's your hairpiece.
9.   Surprise! Those aren't dilithium crystals--they're Folgers crystals!
8.   Damn it, Jim! I'm a doctor--not a very good actor!
7.   Don't let Kirk show you what he calls "the Captain's Log."
6.   Computer analysis of the tape indicates it really is Rob Lowe.
5.   Geez--I'm sick of you guys!
4.   It's been a century since they changed your planet's name from Earth to Trump.
3.   Oh yeah! Well beam this up, pal!
2.   What the hell is Don King doing here?
1. Screw the Final Frontier! Let's go see Batman.

Find this Retro Top Ten in this book


80s Timeworn Twelves: "Saved By Zero"

The Fixx "Saved By Zero" (1983)

The Fixx broke onto the charts in 1982 with their 3rd album Shuttered Room. The first single "Stand or Fall" had moderate success in their native UK, Canada, Australia, and mainly in the US (reaching #7 on the mainstream rock chart.) The follow up "Red Skies" also was a moderate hit that helped them achieve their first top 20 hit in 1983 with"Saved By Zero," the first single from Reach the Beach album.

Toyota resurrected the song in 2008 for their 0% financing ad campaign. In fact, the commercials were played so much that Facebook groups began popping up in protest of how much the commercials were being played. Toyota didn't back down their initial plan to run the commercials. Cy Curnin, lead singer for the band, was quoted that he didn't mind the heavy rotation of the ads. Royalties and renewed attention for the band paid off, although he did note he would have rather used the original version of the song.

The A side of 12" record single featured the album version of the song. The B side included a previously unreleased track "Going Overboard" (which would later be included in re-releases of Reach the Beach) and a live version of "The Fool" which was released on Shutter Room.

Thanks to Discogs.Com and Wikipedia for art and record info


80s Art by James Hance

Relentlessly Cheerful Art
by James Hance

On Friday May 4th, tentatively known as "Star Wars Day", I came across a picture that had me tracking down another great 80s fan artist. Dex1138, who is fellow contributor to UnderScoopFire.Com, posted a "Millennium Falcor" picture on Twitter that had smiling from ear to ear as a fan of The Neverending Story movie. Luckily, my quest to find the creator was easy this time, as James Hance's website was included in the picture. I contacted  James and he excitedly agreed to let me feature some of his 80s "mashup" art on the Rediscover the 80s website. I encourage everyone to visit his site when you are through viewing my favorites below. 
Wookiee The Chew
James has put a whole new spin on the classic Winnie the Pooh franchise. He's taken the characters and added a Star Wars twist! He calls the series of prints "Wookiee the Chew." He's even completed the first book in a children's book trilogy which he dubs as "24 pages of affectionately crafted adventure, brand new b&w illustrations and sneaky Star Wars references - a tribute to the combined genius of George Lucas, A.A. Milne and E.H. Sheppard. Suitable for jedi apprentices of all ages!"
Wookiee The Chew belonged to Chrisolo Robin and Chrisolo Robin belonged to him... In a world where AT-AT's lose their tails and bobaberries are ripe for the picking, join the adventures of the biped of very little brain.
Available Prints
The "Prince Adam's Cringer" print (taken from Michael Jackosn's Thriller album cover) that headlines this post is one of my favorites that James currently has available. These 80s "mashup" creations of franchises like Star Wars, The Muppets, and Master of the Universe are really imaginative. 

I'm a big Firefly fan and this mashup with the Muppets is awesome!

Mal in carbonite!

"Kermit Calling", a take on the iconic Clash image...

Goonies meet the Beatles in "Chester Copperpot's Goonie Clubhouse Band"...

"The Fraggleship Of The Radish" mixing Fraggle Rock with Lord of the Rings...

"Where the Wild Things Are" mashed with Star Wars in "Till Luke Said"...
Archive and T-shirts
James has numerous one-off paintings, retired prints, and commissions in his archive. More great mashups from Star Wars including the "Mona Leia", the "Super Blues Brothers" as the Mario Brothers, and a hilarious pose of Jimi Hendrix playing Guitar Hero. More great originals from James are available as t-shirts through Red Rubble and ship internationally. You'll find silly shirts like "Named After The Dog" in an Indiana Jones font and a take on the Starbucks logo with the Swedish Chef titled the "Starbörks Kerfee." Visit his main site at JamesHance.Com to also find his blog or contact him for commissioned projects. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter. Many thanks again to James for allowing me to feature his art on Rediscover the 80s!
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