Time Keeps on Slipping...



Time Keeps on Slipping, into the Future...

As I write this, it has been six months today that we lost our dear friend, beloved '80s expert, founder, and whom I considered as my brother, Jason Gross.  There's not a day that goes by that I do not think about him, looking at my phone waiting for a call or message that will not arrive, peering on social media for a joke or comment that won't surface.

Looking over familiar objects or sayings that cannot be shared as it once was.  If you considered Jason a friend, what has this time meant to you?


That is the first word that comes to my mind as we reach this timestamp milestone.  Our founder passed away suddenly on this date six months ago and entered into eternity.  The challenge to move on without hearing from our friend still hurts.


Often looking at my phone, waiting for a text or the random call to joke, reminisce of yesteryear, share our family updates, or brainstorm about the next ideas that spring to his mind concerning everything retro, to include Rediscoverthe80s.com.


How his family, friends, and I still feel since hearing the news.  The hollowed void from his presence amongst us as he once shared his companionship, mentorship, and zest for life.


We continue to take another step forward as the clock ticks. We fondly remember him yet continue to press forward with our family, friends, projects, endeavors, and so on.


We will see him once again and reflect about the good ol' times while he shows us around Heaven.


Will we talk about the '80s?  Most likely!  Will we be living it up?  Of course!  Will we be excited to see each other?  Definitely!

We continue to miss you, Jason!  Your family, friends, and I do miss you and pray we get to see you when our appointed time approaches.  Until then, stay rad, stay calm, and party on!

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  1. Remembering him while moving forward is the best way to cope. Good luck in the future.


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