The Weekly Links: Duke Boys Upgrade Their Ride, 'Transformers' Intro Gets Slow Jammed, 'Spy Hunter' Interceptor Finally Identified

Time to put on some jam shorts and your best Ocean Pacific shirt and surf the most bodaciously 80s links of this past week! Lots of like totally gnarly waves of nostalgia were crashing onto my RSS beach. Unfortunately, my Feedly reader has been bogus lately and I haven't been able to share them all. But that's why The Weekly Links are here to save the day...err, week! Here's what I learned this past week:

TWL's video of the week was a transition. The aforementioned drummers were on track to win it and then I thought the kids reacting to Ducktales would be the one this week. Then my good friend and RD80s contributor Wyatt posted the below video to his Facebook page and I felt it topped the others. The Duke boys are back together in the General Lee for a new Autotrader.Com TV commercial. They felt it was time to finally upgrade their beloved ride for a new model...

TWL Video of the Week
"AutoTrader Helps The Dukes Find A New Car"

Turtle Power Documentary Finally Gets Release Date - TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.Com
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Masters Of The Universe - WhatCulture!
9 Facts About 'Ferris Bueller' That Will Blow Your Mind - Huffington Post
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Here's Why We Need A New DuckTales Cartoon - Kotaku
Shout! Factory Unveils '30 Years in 3 Days' Transformers Online Event - The Hollywood Reporter
Toto Eclipse of the Heart: The Best of Eighties Soft Rock - Rolling Stone

Video Games
The Legend of Zelda, Done In The Style of Game of Thrones - Kotaku
Top Ten Spectrum 128K Games - Retro Gamer
Mario Maker lets you make your own Super Mario Bros. levels - Polygon

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