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Free DIY Papercraft Figure Templates For G.I. Joe, Transformers, MOTU, And Many More!

If you are a figure collector or maybe just a fan of a particular '80s property, check out these fun papercraft figure templates you can download for free! Using pre-designed templates and a color printer, you can download and assemble papercraft figures from your favorite '80s cartoons, TV shows and movies. has been around for several years but I didn't discover these wonderful creations until just this past year. I ran across some M.A.S.K. papercraft figures on Deviant Art that I had to download and share on (even made a DIY video for our YouTube channel!) After doing some exploring on Deviant Art, I quickly became encompassed with designs from just about every franchise imaginable! Several accounts have posted templates, but it appears that Chris Beaumont's Cubeecraft was one of the earliest websites to design and post these rad papercraft templates online.

There are couple ways to search for your favorites. There is a large selection of pop culture characters at from all eras. I'd also recommend the search feature in the right sidebar. If you can't find what you are looking for there, try Chris' Deviant Art profile CyberDrone which has many more creations. Allhallowseve31 is another great Deviant Art profile to search.

What are some of the my favorites so far? I told you about the M.A.S.K. characters that I've actually put together. I've also put together the Griswold house from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation complete with Eddie's RV. You've got to check out the Princess Bride figures including variants of Wesley and Buttercup. At some point, I will be printing out all the Ghostbusters characters which include their GB2 dark blue suit variants and Mr. Stay Puft from Cubeecraft plus The Real Ghostbusters and Firehouse from Deviant Art. If you are a Transformers fan, check out the selection of Hako clone figures on Deviant Art that are more proportionate. How about some for '80s girls like Care Bears or She-Ra! If you are looking for something besides figures, check out mini toy boxes like Snake Mountain or the Terror Drome. If it's vehicles you want, download Optimus Prime and the A-Team van.

There are so many more to choose from so I'll just direct you to use the search links I mentioned above. Please keep in mind these templates were created for personal use and permission should be obtained for any commercial use.
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